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Restore Youth


Restore Youth is the preeminent Chinese herbal formula to preserve and restore vitality. It is specifically indicated for the symptoms of premature aging and aging in general. These include loss of libido and sexual function, generalized weakness and fatigue, poor appetite, low-grade fever, memory loss, night sweats, tooth aches and gum swelling.

Restore Youth is comprised of a specially formulated, synergistic combination of herbs that nourish the major organs of the body by building healthy blood as well as strengthen the body's overall vitality.

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300 capsules

Ingredients: Dioscoreae oppositae, Achyranthis bidentatae, Broussonetiae, Acori tatarinowii, Polygalae tenuifoliae, Schisandrae chinensis, Poria cocos, Eucommiae ulmoidis, Corni officinalis, Fructus vulgaris, Morindae officinalis, Cistanches deserticolae, Lycium barbarum, Rehmannia glutinosa, Zizyphi jujubae, pullulan capsule

Suggested dosage: 6 capsules 3 times per day, preferably with warm, slightly salted water before meals or on an empty stomach.

This formula is particularly effective. From the results we have experienced on ourselves and the reports of others taking Restore Youth, it is undeniable that it improves the function of all the organs and enhances your own body’s production of hormones. With daily use of 18 capsules per day (6 capsules, 3x per day), results will be noticed in 5-30 days. At a lower dosage, the benefits may take a little longer to manifest.

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